Shiyan 80 police into net red had saved female suicide climbing tower crane christie stevens

Shiyan 80 police into "net red" had saved climbing tower crane female suicide "Hao brother" on the news!" Police station WeChat group of people who do not know who sent a message, just like a blockbuster, Hao brother photos and media coverage of the shot in the group once again boiling. The high value of 187cm in the small Yan picture is called "Hao brother" Li Haohao, is the people’s road, Hubei Public Security Bureau Shiyan Maojian police case a team captain in the work, he is 29 years old this year from the police to the police station in less than three years, to accept the investigation of various cases from more than 200 combat illegal suspects more than 300 that has won the individual three. 1 times, individual awards 2 times, 2 times was named the outstanding civil servants. From the north of the sun handsome boy, the reception of the masses of thoughtful, on-site disposal of sober, handling cases face the danger boldly, be strict in demands, colleagues called the police station in the "generalist" and "King Almighty", repeatedly won the "case star", "service star". His deeds constantly appeared in various media, everyone is recognized as "the red net for having heard it many times". Careful and thoughtful to help the girl lost 20 years to find a family, we come from Shaanxi, looking for parents, please help out." July 15, 2015 at 4 pm, a woman of the age of the people into the duty room on the back of her, followed by a boy of about the age of 3 and a man of the age of more than and 20. After some explanation, Li Haohao is on duty to understand, the eyes of the woman called Lin Lin, followed by her husband and children. 20 years ago, 8 year old girl Lin Lin in the school on the road, was brought to Shaanxi to the South; at the age of 17, she escaped from the 9 years of living in the home, alone to work in Xi’an. Over the past 20 years, have been a mother around with her husband and son returned to Shiyan, to find their own parents. "I only remember the family living in Shiyan, but the specific where, I can not remember, just remember to live in the house, there is a ditch, there is a railway." Lin recalled some memories of his hometown. Understand the basic situation, Li Haohao comfort her side, one side to help her find her family. He immediately according to the general name of his father to enter the police into the police work system for fuzzy queries, but Lin has been unable to remember his father’s appearance, after 20 times after the identification is still no fruit. Li Haohao patiently asked Linlin remember other family name, after Lin recalled, roughly remember a brother-in-law named Yuan Sijun (homophonic), query in Shiyan have similar names of more than 20 people. He patiently on the phone, one by one to verify whether the 20 years ago, the family had a child lost. Hard work pays off, and after hours of searching, came the good news, who lives in the fruit of Yuan Sijun called his brother a child 20 years ago lost, and describe the situation and said basically around. Day 21 am, Yuan Sijun excitedly came to the police station, but after 20 years, the two sides have not remember their appearance. Li Haohao took Yuan Sijun and Lin family to Yuan Sanhong home. See the missing 20 years suddenly grown girl standing in front, Yuan Sanhong hurried off around the shoes and socks, on her left heel for!相关的主题文章: