Silver case you cry Ji widow Interpol caught 20 people finally caught (video)

Silver case: you cry Ji widow Interpol caught 20 people finally caught the 3D reduction of silver 8 year old girl injured details: before the victim gave the suspect Wang Fufen out of her husband’s pouring police ID card, stroking yellowed photos of Zhang said: "this time, you will not miss." Retired Police Silver murder 28 years recalled the process of solving Gao Chengyong in August 27th were arrested after the news, the little silver silver boiling, troubled years of "nightmare" finally. Is death torture years of the families of the victims finally get comfort, wearing red clothes, set off firecrackers to celebrate, and accompany them through the years, in the detection of the case the old Interpol is feeling a lot. 28 years old young man has silver haired people HanHen retired, it was reluctantly removed, more people died early with regret, because only when the silver case is not broken, do not know the true face. Beijing morning news reporters yesterday in an exclusive interview with the Baiyin Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation to the original captain Zhang Guoxiao’s widow Wang Fufen, and was involved in the handling of the police. In the detection process, the whole team, everyone’s face is difficult to see the smiling face, stressful atmosphere. Retired police officers: the feeling is not happy but shame on the evening of May 26, 1988, Baiyin street, silver company, 23 year old female workers were killed in a white home. Zhang Heping (a pseudonym) is now retired, he told the Beijing morning news reporter, in 1988, the first murder, he was the first to arrive at the scene of interpol. Recalled the situation at that time, he remembers. The house is an apartment, they rushed to see the dead lying naked in the room, and full of wounds. "The ground full of blood, the smell too heavy, we just go in, a small police turned out ‘Wah Wah’ spit." Zhang Heping said that people who can do Interpol, psychological quality are good, but in the face of such a brutal murder scene, most people still do not adapt. "I endured the pantothenic acid water, the work done, but occasionally think of it, my heart is still cold." In the detection period, Zhang Heping and colleagues to extract the fingerprint of the detainees, than not, and gradually expand the scope of the extraction of all the men of the household register. "At that time, there are now high-tech, artificial comparison. Although fingerprint recognition, but progress is very slow. Every day around the clock, only dozens of alignment." Sometimes even a cop with a magnifying glass. Time flies, the retired Zhang Heping day at home watching TV that the arrest of Gao Chengyong, he said the first time the feeling is not "gay", but "shame". He still can not believe that this crazy murderer, even in their eyes so easy and comfortable life for so long. And then, they will focus on other groups of people. "I felt like I did a lot of hard work. At that time, we through the modus operandi, psychology and other aspects of the analysis, the crowd was set to a highly educated young man. But I did not expect that he was not admitted to the University of farmers." For the details of the case, Zhang Heping said he did not want to know too much. "This case has been bothering me and my colleagues for so many years. Can only say that people are doing in the days to see." Transfer: the police)相关的主题文章: