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Internet-and-Business-Online We all talk about brand building and using social media as a marketing tool a lot. One subject that I feel has been overlooked is keeping your branding consistent throughout each different social media platform. The look and feel of most social media platforms are all different but it’s important that when someone visits your Facebook or Twitter page that they still know it’s definitely your brand. So how will they know? Facebook Many brands use the FBML tab to create a tab that looks and feels very similar to the brand’s website. You will need to either know HTML or FBML or you will need to have someone write it for you. There are several other customizable options on Facebook including the About section, the ability to upload .pany logo’s and pictures and switching the tab that shows up first for your Facebook page visitors. You can see some great examples of excellent Facebook pages on the inspiration feed blog. Twitter Twitter is quite a bit easier to customize than Facebook. You can design a background image for your Twitter page that reflects the brand of your .pany. This doesn’t have to be exactly like your homepage but it should at least contain your logo and contact info including your Facebook URL, website URL, blog URL and any other major social media platform you may use. There are some excellent Twitter page designs to use as your guide to creating an excellent Twitter page. I would re.mend looking at the Twitter pages of brands you are following. LinkedIn LinkedIn is less customization-friendly than Facebook and Twitter. However, there is still an opportunity to brand your LinkedIn page. Be sure to upload your .pany logo or mascot for the profile picture. Include your tagline, mission statement, .pany bio, etc. in the Summary. You can also upload slideshows via Slideshare that have the look and feel of your brand. Blog You want to make sure that the style of writing is consistent throughout your blog. When visitors read your blog you want them to know it’s you without reading the byline. My favorite bloggers consistently provide good information and links to other websites as well as maintaining a consistent writing style. As a .ic writer, The Oatmeal has great examples of keeping writing style consistent, .plete with graphics. Viper chill is also a great example of consistent writing style and branding throughout different social media platforms. Take a look at the background on both his blog and Twitter page…notice some similarities? His writing style remains consistent. The point of using social media platforms for marketing is to get your brand more attention. The visitors to your social media accounts need to know who you are, what you do and what makes you unique. Use our tips above to keep your brand consistent throughout the social media platforms you use. When you find another strategy to create brand consistency .e back and tell us about it in the .ment section. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: