Starred in the film worth mentioning that Donnie Yen does not lose face headache怎么读�

In a Hollywood film worth mention? Donnie Yen: no disgrace with his best 2-01- Donnie Yen played in the movie in a blind Samurai Chirrut Imwe figure. 2-02- white soldiers set off foil Donnie Yen, but also show the strongest in the universe, the status of Hollywood movies. 2-03- even Wang Shishi and her husband’s photo portrait doll. Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 13th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the strongest universe Donnie Yen [micro-blog] yesterday (November 12th) is a Hollywood blockbuster "in a number of Star Wars: episode" publicity, he admitted in a group of white soldiers accompanied by the 1 placed 1 size model by him as the blind warrior Chirrut Imwe, even Mrs. Wang Shishi also want to photograph. Although the trailer played tough Donnie Yen referred to as our body, he said this is a good thing, because IP in foreign countries is also very famous. Asked whether the price to upgrade? He thought it was the most important thing to do well, not to lose the face of Chinese actors. Donnie Yen yesterday (November 12th) for a number of Hollywood movies "Grand Theft Auto: Star Wars Episode" (Rogue One:A Star Wars Story) media interview. Donnie Yen played in the film Imwe Chirrut blind Samurai (chi Yan, on the edge) the strongest universe of Donnie Yen, in the dark world on absolutely no difficulty, do not feel hard, the most difficult is wearing special colored contact lenses show. Wear special contact lenses of the most hard Donnie Yen said: "the non general colored contact lenses, this pair of contact lenses with thickness, do not stick the eye, the scene also put the smoke and dust billowing, very uncomfortable, is also very easy to sensitive, so every few hours off to rest, now a doctor to check me some. Sensitive or inflammation will stop the show." He said it was harder to imagine than blind people, there is no focus, can not look at each other’s eyes, dull and no level and difficult to play the inner play, had to close his eyes to find the feeling, open the camera before opening his eyes. There is no action to have seen the trailer, Donnie Yen refers to the "IP MAN" body? Donnie Yen think is a good thing, he refers to the IP role in the foreign famous film director, producer and actor have seen "IP MAN" in the field, can see the real "IP MAN" shooting action scenes are very happy. Action, he did not give advice? Donnie Yen said: "yes, they know this is my strong point, they respect me, will accept my proposal." On behalf of China actors feel pressure with Donnie Yen for the revolutionary army of the mainland actor Jiang Wen earlier interview, said he will die? Donnie Yen said with a smile: he often chaotic secret, I do not know which sentence is true which is false, I know that their fate is not to say, we will see the admission." Finished the "Star Wars", worth will improve? Donnie Yen said: "don’t talk about the price, as Chinese actor, I am proud to have the opportunity to participate in the show, and as Chirrut, rather than give me much fee, also did not go to the film so I returned to Hollywood City)相关的主题文章: