State Bureau of Religious Affairs Chinese Buddhist Academy to gradually form the characteristics of

The State Bureau of Religious Affairs: China Buddhist Institute director to gradually form a new network – Chinese characteristics of Buddhist Education in Beijing in September 20, Xinhua news agency, the State Bureau of religious affairs Wang Zuoan said on the 20, Chinese Buddhist Institute should strive to improve the quality of education, in the development of modern Buddhist education, emphasis on inheriting traditional Buddhist education advantage, promote cohesion and harmony the modern Buddhist Education and traditional education, gradually formed the contemporary China Buddhism Education characteristics. The sixty anniversary of Wang Zuoan held in 20 China Buddhist Institute said the meeting, China to commemorate the sixty anniversary of the Buddha Institute to be established as a new starting point, thoroughly implement the Central Committee on religion’s major decisions and plans, the China Buddhist Institute construction has become the practice, research and training for Higher Colleges, one of the Buddhist teaching set. For China adhere to Buddhism and adapt to socialist society, the road to provide reliable security personnel. He pointed out that the China Buddhist Institute to develop healthily, it must follow the China running characteristics of the road, and strive to cultivate and foster a firm political, religious and moral attainments can convince the public on the key role of religious personnel. In the study of Buddhist scholarship, Wang Zuoan said, to dig the teachings in is conducive to social harmony and progress of the times, healthy and civilized, make progress with contemporary Chinese requirements, in line with Chinese traditional culture interpretation of religious teachings, and constantly enrich and develop the thought of "Humanistic Buddhism". Founded in 1956, the Buddhist Institute of China is held by the Chinese Buddhist association. Shirap Gyatso, his master, Zhao Puchu scholar, a sincere elders, the elders and the transfer printing master Xuecheng has served as dean. In 60 years, more than a thousand Buddha China college to cultivate patriotism, has certain Buddhist attainments of the faculty team, delivered a large number of Buddhist talents backbone for all levels of colleges and Buddhist Association, Buddhism temple.相关的主题文章: