Summer fantasy theme get together screen; realistic theme should be the mainstream of the mark

Summer fantasy theme get together   screen; realistic theme should be the mainstream of the market – the media – original title: behind the summer fantasy theme at the editor’s note worries in recent years, has become a popular fantasy Television Drama label. Especially the summer, from the previous year blockbuster "Gu Jian", "last year to spend thousands of bone" ratings bursting, and this year several TV invariably heavy launch "-" Qingyun "Zhi" "nine sky" and other works, some even assert that TV drama creation has entered the "magic" era. A variety of fantasy drama investment cost, idol star, publicity momentum is strong, it is inevitable to menacing, other TV types especially the TV series of realistic themes of living space caused by extrusion, make the TV market presents a suspension of soft, light feeling. The theme crash caused the audience Shenmeipilao fantasy drama screen are flocking to get together generally Yan values and effects as the core competitiveness, not only popular in the young audience all recruited a rather charismatic idol star, more in the investment effects and record highs. "Nine sky" uses a lot of photographing visual effects superposition technique. "-" investment more than three hundred million yuan, of which 60% funds for special effects, and invited Hollywood special effects team escort, specific part of the time accounted for the 90%, a look at the big screen potential qi. A fantasy theme in the broadcast platform, marketing and other aspects also reap the limelight, not only a prominent position is arranged in the major prime time television and video sites, a variety of topics, related gossip news also continued to occupy the network hot search rankings. However, these heavily built, was high hopes for the viewing instrument once aired, reputation quickly fell below the pass line, has been Tucao serious disaster". The audience greatly disappointed is not only plastic sense sets, props network game effects, shocking costumes and makeup and so on, and Facebook characters, plot the inherent defects of low-level naive. This is a Xian Xia fantasy elements in packaging, costume costumes of the love story, a routine plot is the lack of sincere emotion, have "Yan burst table values" but the lack of play acting, art level is not high, the connotation of empty, not only makes people feel awkward, funny, unable to lead the audience sympathy in more the surface of the deep. In fact, long-standing fantasy works, the creator instead of summing up the lessons, learn a lesson, but in the light heavy appearance in the road lopsided. Especially the summer playing some fantasy drama, not only failed to improve has always been criticized the audience’s "50 Fen effects", and set the stack idol face shocking story and other issues, but in quality than in the past there is a bigger decline, not only the reputation of the collective "diving", performance ratings also fell, the market the excessive consumption under show weakness. Business logic instead of art thinking leads to hot fantasy fantasy theme focused on the line, before the "Gu Jian" "bone" and other similar flower drama to create the high market value, the TV industry set off a wave of IP wind the blind worship. IP this concept since the beginning of 2014, after the rapid warming until it was touted相关的主题文章: