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"Tang" to a wife’s richest woman do? – the Sohu news today, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 female Hurun rich list", the Beijing real estate queen, 75 year old Chen Lihua for the first time to become the richest woman in China wealth 50 billion 500 million. A press, the comments also immediately burst: Master (ID:banlicai) is to say — powerful, Word master! — the richest woman’s husband is "journey to the west" in the "Tang" Chi Zhongrui in Beijing real estate area of over 1 million 500 thousand square meters of industrial agglomeration of Wangfujing Forbes female rich list shows that in the real number most of the real estate industry, reached 23%; the top ten richest women in seven engaged in the real estate industry. Chen Lihua also rely on the real estate summit Forbes richest women. According to Chen Lihua the FUWAH International Group (hereinafter referred to as "Fu") official website, Fu was founded in 1988 in Hongkong, is a diversified industrial investment enterprises, pillar industries including real estate, asset management, arts and culture, finance and other fields. Fuhua Group official website shows, Fuhua group projects in Beijing, Tianjin, Anhui, Zhuhai, Sanya, Melbourne and other places. Among them, Fu in Beijing have been built and the construction of the business area of over 1 million 500 thousand square meters of real estate investment projects. In Beijing, Changan, Beijing China club, red sandalwood Museum Lee Garden, Jinbao Street, Chinese The Sandalwood Beijing Marriott Executive Apartments, Changan Taihe, Changan canal, red buildings such as Beijing are area landmarks. Chinese red sandalwood Museum in particular, Fuhua group independent development and operation of commercial core areas of Beijing Campbell street in Wangfujing area. 730 meters in Campbell street, brought together the Campbell building, magnificent building, Regent Hotel, Park Plaza Hotel, Beijing Hotel, shopping mall Jinbao and Beijing Hongkong Jockey Club Clubhouse and other high-end commercial real estate projects. Beijing Jinbao Street in Campbell Street brings together the Bottega, Crowley Galliani, Gucci, Burberry, OMEGA, Oro Fu jewelry and other luxury goods, luxury goods become famous in Beijing area. Shop "luxury flagship Campbell Street on the high-end real estate development as the core, independent open a" high-end real estate industry platform "road", Fuhua group’s official website describes the commercial development of the road layout of Chen Lihua. Wang (ID:banlicai) comb, Chen Lihua real estate projects around the Wangfujing and its surrounding expansion. Among them, Changan building near the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, apartment building, Fuhua Lai, Li Shan Park area are located in the surrounding Wangfujing. A poor first pot of gold is not a source but Chen Lihua was not born in a wealthy family. Born in Beijing in 1941, Manchu, because his family was poor, read high school drop out. But Chen Lihua is very business minded, forthright, in 1977, Chen Lihua had his own furniture factory after Chen Lihua moved to Hongkong in 80s. But the furniture factory obviously can not be the first pot of gold Chen Lihua’s enormous commercial territory, since the origin of Chen Lihua pot of gold and a variety of claims for相关的主题文章: