That promise Golden Rooster win reputation glory red carpet crew-ghost observer

"That promise" Golden Rooster win reputation glory crew walking the red carpet Tencent entertainment news the evening of September 24th, the twenty-fifth session of the Film Festival Closing ceremony held a grand ceremony of the red carpet. For a time the Yi side of Tangshan. "But when I promise to you" (hereinafter referred to as the "year of commitment") director Lin Baisong brought Yan Xiaopin, Zhang Jingsheng and Fei Xuan, Qin Tianyu attended the all star team, become the event "film screenings unit" the momentum of the largest film. The day before the reputation of the film at the festival bursting, the crew brought glory while walking the red carpet self-confidence and calm. The red carpet: the all star team as large nominated the Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival, William Feng, Huang Xiaoming, Angela Baby, Xu Qing, white lily, Chen Yao won the "Award nomination" stars on the red carpet, a time to the Tangshan stars Yi side, this heroic city of a Phoenix Nirvana stunning. And that "I promise you" directed by Lin Baisong, starring Yan Xiaopin, Zhang Jingsheng, Qin Tianyu, Xuan fee, produced and released on behalf of Ms. Sun Qian and other 6 people dressed up in red carpet on the growth of 100 meters long "dragon array", the famous actress Yan Xiaopin was also the power to send the audience stopped at the red carpet wall for grant signature. For a time, make the film become this session of the event "film screenings unit" the biggest movie star. The 51 finalists in the domestic film, "that promise" is also the first to visit the national cinema works, the Chung Yeung Festival on October 9th National release. The 17 film screenings: bursting point 29 times laughter, the morning of September 21st, "I promise you" as the film festival the film, the beginning of the "Hengdian film city debut in Tangshan". Because the film is known as "Chinese first after the educated youth film", nearly 300 people from the national audience, film and media people flocked admission with curiosity. I know after reading, the film completely transcended the past "Youth" bitterness play mode, but the funny and romantic one, and comedy called "heavyweight", the audience laugh. The same day, with "that promise" storyline, climax, set from time to time from the audience bursts of laughter and talk with the sound of rushing lines, hall suddenly like a small theater! In both the "youth old gun" Wang Liao sister trick, or young educated young lovers all right to steal a variety of music a crooked heart, bad intestines, and even publicly on them under the watchful eyes of the people…… It is a true reflection of the barbaric growth of a generation full of hormones after puberty. The director’s performance is very modern, completely breaking the age gap! A Tangshan Bureau of cultural affairs is responsible for recording the results of the scene, after the film director Lin Baisong excitedly said: you this movie, the audience down, a total of 17 points of laughter, the 29 laugh. Amazing!" A reporter on the film side, said: before you can see the trailer can only say that the film 1/10 wonderful, the film on the screen to be much better than the trailer trailer. I didn’t expect 110 minutes to pass so quickly." Bursting reputation even beyond the issuer of Yingxiu Beijing oriental culture media company sunzong expected: "we had to film the location is about the educated youth love comedy)相关的主题文章: