The 20 year old bow to degenerate into a man look long cervical spondylosis of mobile phone invictus gaming

The 20 year old "bow" to degenerate into a man look long cervical spondylosis of Ren Bin mobile phone at the age of 20 (a pseudonym) home after the lake, usually do not love sports, most of the time in looking down at the mobile phone. A few months ago, he began to neck and shoulder pain, and recurrent, often dizziness. Half a month ago, he felt weak legs, walk like treading cotton. The day before yesterday, Ren Bin suddenly fell, his family rushed him to the hospital Lake School District Central Hospital of Wuhan post. The rehabilitation kewan Wen Jun director of inspection, diagnosis for cervical spondylotic myelopathy he. Let ten thousand doctors can not think of it, only 20 year old Ren Bin, his cervical spine degeneration, such as the old man in general, if the continuation of the development of the serious will cause paralysis, long-term look at the phone is the culprit of the culprit, and then continue to grow up, such as the 60. Ten thousand doctors, cervical spondylosis in the past is old, but in recent years, with the popularity of computers, mobile phones, bow family more and more young patients can account for more than 50%~60%. If it is found that the recurrent neck pain, stiff neck easily, we must be vigilant if suffering from cervical spondylosis. How to prevent cervical spondylosis? The word meter head movement: the head has eight directions of motion, but not the head. Neck stretching exercise: take the position of sitting or standing, slowly began to look up, try to stretch the neck, and the chest and abdomen together up. Shrug movement: head straight, eyes straight ahead, straight, vertical arms drooping, two shoulders hunched up at the same time, try to relax, and then try again. Reverse stretching: left hand down to the back stretch; his right hand up, to the back stretch, hands in the shoulder together and then exchange about stretching, so repeatedly, to good effect of exercise on the shoulder, neck and back can.相关的主题文章: