The first floor of Sinosteel debt debt restructuring plan

The first floor of debt to equity swap debt restructuring program approved Sinosteel [Abstract] market has been the focus of the central debt equity swap officially break the ice. Yesterday evening, A shares of listed companies Sinosteel International released the latest announcement that the controlling shareholder of the company received much market attention… The central debt equity swap officially break the ice. Yesterday evening, A shares of listed companies Sinosteel International released the latest announcement that the company received a controlling shareholder of Chinese Steel Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "China Steel Group) Notice, in the Department of the government guidance and support, in the joint efforts of all parties, China Steel Group restructuring program officially approved. The announcement also said Sinosteel will be in debt restructuring as an opportunity to further accelerate the supply side structural reform, focus on the development of the four industries, and strive to build a resource, science and technology, engineering, equipment integration services for the international business group of metallurgical industry and related industries. The implementation of Sinosteel debt restructuring plan, the company to improve the financing environment, have a positive effect to enhance the company’s ability to undertake business and order execution ability. After 2014, the steel industry due to serious overcapacity in steel prices, iron ore prices fell sharply, steel group into financial difficulties, and broke the news of overdue loans in September of the same year. Sinosteel also has publicly responded that due to the heavy burden of history, and the group in the early development of rapid expansion, problem management extensive exposure concentration in the industry downturn, which appeared signs of debt crisis. It is reported that as of the end of December 2014, China Steel Group and the total debt of 72 subsidiaries and more than about 100000000000 yuan, of which the financial institutions debt of nearly 75 billion yuan, involving more than and 80 domestic and foreign banks, and some trust, financial leasing company. In order to solve the debt crisis in the steel group, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the SASAC and other departments under the coordination of bank debt by China led the establishment of the committee, the joint consultation with Sinosteel making debt restructuring plan. Since then, the parties repeatedly, finally finalized solution with debt mainly in early 2016. The steel debt restructuring plan approved means that China Steel Group is expected to finally get away from the two-year long debt crisis. However, released yesterday evening in the international steel and steel Tianyuan announcement, has yet to disclose the specific content of Sinosteel debt restructuring plan. In addition, the concern is that the recent news that, with the reform of state-owned enterprises, reduce leverage, led by the NDRC debt plan is expected to be introduced at the end of September. In September 14th, the CBRC Chairman Shang Fulin at the two meeting of China Banking Association seventh congress speech also expressed support for the financial support of local Asset Management Co, Asset Management Co of steel coal industry backbone enterprises to carry out market-oriented debt. In this regard, insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, in the debt to equity swap approved will have a demonstration effect on domestic enterprise debt, debt is expected to follow the policy will soon be introduced.相关的主题文章: