The man smashed the glass house and stole 500 thousand loft property cibi

The man smashed the glass house and stole 500 thousand loft property on November 24th morning, Lee came to the Jinzhou Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, hands solemnly presented written "justice for the people enthusiastic" banner, thank police solve the case quickly, save the house about 500 thousand yuan of property losses. From the home stolen property to be recovered, 10 days, the couple didn’t expect to recover the stolen property, never thought the police not only put the bad guys to justice, have also saved their economic losses, holding the hand of the police, kept saying thank you. The couple in a messy home late at night on November 7th at 8:30 in the morning, the owner Lee hurried to the Jinzhou Public Security Bureau police station last night called friendship, returned home to find that his attic smashed glass house was upside down, all the rooms have been signs of turning, is certainly a loss into a thief, heavy. After receiving the report, Jinzhou police quickly organized police on-site disposal. The investigation, November 6th 19 PM, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau police station area Lai friendship peace burglary theft, found the owner Lee lost count, 3000 yuan in cash, 3 watches, an underwater camera and 13 stolen goods, the total value of the loss of about 50 yuan. Jinzhou police set up a "11· 06" major burglary cases of ad hoc group, start the linkage mode synthesis command, the intelligence department and the judicial identification center, bureau departments a total of more than 40 people put the case detective work. The police arrested the police investigation to the hotel on the theft scene to conduct a careful investigation, the extraction of trace evidence. The stolen households in the district 28 floor, home no one day, the day of the incident, Lee and her husband are busy with business in the field of sea cucumber, did not expect to take advantage of this opportunity to implement the theft thief. The glass broken, a brick was left in the stairs, the preliminary judgment should be from the fire stairs to walk to the roof, attic smashing thermocline glass window, climbed into the house. The Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately dispatched police through the retrieval of surveillance video and found a suspicious man, the man was wearing a grey cotton jacket, short stature is thin, leaving the area in the implementation of the crime after. Through visits to determine the man has a major crime suspects. Through the investigation of the suspect man, the identity of the suspect identified as yang. Investigators immediately dispatched to the person. In November 17th 10 pm, Jinzhou police in Dalian Zhongshan District, a hotel will suspect Yang arrested. The suspect Yang, 24 years old, Nenjiang County, Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, after the trial, on November 6, 2016 in the Jinzhou District 28 floor peace Lai Court confessed to the crime of theft. Yang Development Zone before work, after suspected earn less money to work too hard, simply quit. The day of the incident, Yang fled to Jinzhou, came to the area around, he to the top of the stairs, the stairs to see at the end of the window is the thermocline attic, then find a brick smashed the glass, hand poke lock drill into the indoor theft, succeeded from the door leave. In order to escape the arrest of the police, Yang Lin相关的主题文章: