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The parents of the children family 8 months spent 20 thousand "shortcut" really do good drawing Zheng Henan Daily reporter Wu Zi adorable Lili Jing Sunke in many people’s eyes, art is a shortcut to the university. Each year, an average of 10 candidates, there are 1 selected art. In fact, the exam is not easy, the competition is better than the college entrance examination, the admission rate is lower than that of the ordinary class of college entrance examination. Moreover, high cost, difficult employment. The teacher suggested that the examinee choose art carefully, not just stare at the diploma, the most important, but also consider the interests and future employment orientation. [why so hot] in order to get the arts undergraduate diploma "befuddles" art, a large number of candidates by a lot of cultural studies is not too prominent to students as a good university. They have a lot of people are "left", Chen Li (a pseudonym) is one of them. Chen Li sophomore summer began to participate in art training, her choice of clothing modeling and acting, "should be more road". "I was the entrance exam 320 points, do not take art words, only a general college, let me go on the undergraduate arts." Just graduated this year, Chen Li said, many students take art is to take undergraduate diploma. Chen Lin is now responsible for a Shangqiu art exam training institutions, 6 years ago she was halfway decent, two years ago from Jiangxi a college radio host professional graduation. "From the training class, there is interest in art most accounted for 20%, 80% of the students go to get a good arts diploma." Chen Lin said. In fact, since, in the arts are a large number of "crash candidates", they participate in the "assault" intensive training before a few months, to accept the short two or three months, half a year long "examination oriented education", and then go on the exam. [art] how hot some liberal arts classes of nearly 30% students "Apprentice" from a national perspective, the arts are very hot these years. Data show that from 2002 to 2013, the number of art students increased from 32 thousand to nearly 1 million, 11 years of art students increased by 30 times. In 2014, Henan college entrance examination enrollment 724 thousand, the general category of 654 thousand candidates who apply for art class 80853 candidates who apply for art class candidates for ordinary candidates in 12.4%, an average of 10 ordinary class candidates, there are at least 1 Art students. In 2016, Henan arts examinee is still a lot of this year the province’s 9 major categories of art enrollment professional achievement line a total of 83076 passengers (two may be a professional art candidates are on the line). "I am a liberal arts class, the class of 62 people, about 20 people intend to participate in the arts." Li Le, who is participating in broadcasting and hosting training, said (a pseudonym). [high] art spent 8 months has spent more than 20 thousand yuan last year, Liu’s daughter in the arts, 8 months spent more than 20 thousand yuan. Her daughter is broadcasting, because the academicachievement is not too good, sophomore summer I decided to go to attend road. The first half of the art training costs 15 thousand yuan, then specifically requested the teacher one-on-one counseling, class fee 200 yuan per hour, plus round-trip to participate in the examination of the transportation and accommodation and other expenses, spent more than 20 thousand yuan. Liu’s daughter is not the most expensive, there are.相关的主题文章: