The people’s Insurance Department Director Zuo Chunwen embezzlement jailed for the original o luonv

The people’s Insurance Department Director Zuo Chunwen embezzlement jailed for the original   only the Forum – Fujian channel deceive public funds — original title: the people’s Insurance Department Director jailed for corruption and the original 90 thousand yuan defrauding the conference fee into the spa resort after account of all human resources and Social Security Department of our unemployment insurance company when long left the use of his office, Chunwen, through false symposium, cheat unit conference fees 90 thousand yuan and deposit accounts within a spa resort. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, in view of the left Chunwen truthfully confessed and all ill gotten gains, the second city court of First Instance sentenced to imprisonment for ten months, suspended for one year. The only forum to deceive public funds of first instance to identify, in July 2013, Zuo Chunwen took advantage of his post as director of human resources and social security, unemployment insurance company, through the fictional held some provinces and cities to eliminate backward production capacity and merger and reorganization of enterprises employee relocation work forum mode, from the unit cheat conference fees 90 thousand yuan in Beijing a spa resort account in the use of false invoices and return to the unit level account, after the public more than 4400 yuan by Zuo Chunwen for personal consumption, the remainder is used by Zuo Chunwen wu. In July 2nd last year, the Department of human resources and Social Security Department of the discipline inspection group to reflect on the letter Zuo Chunwen fraudulent meeting expenses on the issue of personal consumption filing review. In October 10th of the same year, Zuo Chunwen was arrested for investigation. According to Wu said that he and Zuo Chunwen met at the meeting in 2003. In July 2013, Zuo Chunwen let him go to a spa resort to eat dinner, as well as the people’s Insurance Department unemployment insurance Secretary General Office researcher and deputy director Li Yanhong et al., Zuo Chunwen said with the people’s insurance department pay at the resort of conference fees. A few days later, the left one department in the spring. The resort has saved 90 thousand yuan registration fee, so he can spend the money first. 2013 to 2015, Wu has been used in the resort Department of the Department of consumer spending. In 2015 May and June, the Ministry said the left spring in carry out self correction activities, let him put 90 thousand yuan, once the investigation said he took the people’s Insurance Department has the resort is a resort conference fees, financial mistake, after he put the money back. After the investigation had confessed that on 2011, Zuo Chunwen confessed that he met fellow Wu to do business. 2013, the Wu and chat, Wu said he often consumption to meet friends at a resort, the place is the people’s Insurance Department of the government procurement, he wanted to set out first at the resort dues to Wu, let Wu Si Li treat consumption and the reimbursement of personal consumption documents, Wu agreed. Since then, he held a merger and reorganization of enterprises and workers in the name of the name of the forum to allow the integration of the office of the drafting of the meeting Li Yanhong asked and reported to the deputy minister in charge. In July 25, 2013, Li Yanhong gave the check to the resort, while taking back the resort issued 90 thousand yuan conference fees invoices and government procurement settlement. Li Yanhong took the invoice back at the resort at that meeting has been reimbursed, open. Deposit 90 thousand yuan, and Li Yanhong, who had to resort to play, spending more than $4400. At the beginning of May 2015, Ministry of Supervision Bureau Investigation Division of unemployment insurance payment, Zuo Chunwen)相关的主题文章: