The safe thief fled more than 20 county (city) district more than and 40 cases of crime (Figure) – B-sql2005安装图解

"The safe thief fled more than 20 county (city) district more than and 40 cases of crime (Figure) – Beijing – the police escorted the suspect to identify the scene of the crime. From that clever "thieves", many fled the safe Qiaodao company specialized financial room, did not leave any traces on the surface, but ultimately could not escape the Luquan police cloth under the law. Luquan District Public Security Bureau police squadron above the village based task force to carry out the case cracked. As of August 29th, Luquan police have verified the implementation of more than and 40 cases of pry safe case, involving $about 300000. The figure / reporter Dong Shijie correspondents Qie Shimin case the two companies have been safe pry in July 5th this year, Luquan District Public Security Bureau received 110 desk area of a 4S store reported that the safe zone is located in the prosperous Street Development District of Luquan 4S shop floor two financial room stolen. After receiving the report, the Luquan District Public Security Bureau police squadron of police rushed to the scene, looking for traces left by the suspect to start detective. After the investigation, roughly outline the whole process of the suspect committing the crime. The suspect chenzheyese from office buildings in the toilet window climbed into the building, along the stairs to the two floor, open the room door and open financial safe stolen cash. Police carefully check the safe, but did not find the suspect’s fingerprints, the police judge the suspect has a strong anti detection capabilities, the crime when wearing gloves. Monitoring of the office building is destroyed, the surrounding monitoring is not blurred or damaged, solve the clues can only rely on the police bit by bit Mopai visit. In the case of the police visited the surrounding masses, on the morning of July 24th, the task force received a warning that the company, the company’s financial room safes stolen. Police rushed to the scene, the suspect’s modus operandi and Shoeprint comparison, two cases of the Department to determine a person to. The company is located in the Development Zone, less than 1 km two incidence. So close, two similar cases occurred within 20 days, the suspect is really reckless. Of the two cases caused by the Luquan District Public Security Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the rapid establishment of a deputy director of the bureau Party committee member, high strong as head of Interpol battalion Feng Lijun as deputy head of Interpol captain Li Gang as a member, dispatched elite police task force composed, vigorously expand detection. Investigation task force three points to find clues in the vast sea of people in the search for traces of criminals? This is a great test of police investigators. The police task force investigation respectively: three road all the way to the police on the scene for careful investigation, extraction of trace evidence, can struggle to find clues to the identity of the perpetrators of the lock; the way the police visited the masses, and access to surveillance video data, image data acquisition, the suspect suspected vehicles; and all the way to the police on the case of expansion the online study, strive for more clues to get such cases on the internet. Left at the scene of the two footprints is now the most popular shoes with rubber soles left footprints according to the judgment, the suspect more than 170 centimeters in height, plump. After the detection of evidence can be used as a shoe, but not too much help to solve the case. Because.相关的主题文章: