The Source Channels The Art Of Pyramid Meditation Part

The subjects covered in The Writings as they are called are too numerous to mention but I would like to share with you what I have learnt from this Higher Source regarding the true form of Pyramid Meditation. According to the source of my channel, Pyramid meditation is the gateway to various projections where you can experience self-awareness, self-realization patterns of body vibration and to understand the art of travelling between dimensions, feeling the power of energy within energy, and transcendental awareness. It encapsulates and relates to different methods of escaping using the silver and golden cord – single or entwined. It also cures the body using the cosmic energy to get rid of all ailments. The list for Pyramid meditation and its ability through the sleep channel goes into much more detail; however, in this post we will embark on the basic steps to Pyramid Meditation and the requirements to perfect this method. The first step is to decide what your meditation is for e.g. peace, protection, purification, love, healing and so on. If you have a stone-less pyramid you can still practice this art by erecting your own, however understanding the points and their meaning is a good way to embark on your journey. Understanding the points: According to the channel the top of the pyramid is called Pannerro, which means point of energy. The ground points are divided into three parts one is called Kadedashittiss, which means women makers of strength, the builders of stone. The next point is Limerkerasey, Meaning the earth. This is left of the east view. The last point is Druntevenrour, Meaning the back gate. This is right of the east view. Your pyramid is made up of four points. The first point is the one above the crown charka, Pannerro. When Pannerro is linked with kadedashiitiss here you will get the front of your pyramid this should be facing the east wherever you are. Please remember you must always enter the pyramid from Druntevenrour, the back gate, and leave from the east points. . Each meditation comes with primordial type words that must be said just before entering the pyramid. This gives a vibration up – liftment just before you enter. Once this is said outside and you step within the pyramid there should be no inner or outer communication. Make sure you are in the most comfortable position in the pyramid. An upright sitting position with hands and feet clasped is the most powerful position; this will give you the greatest amount of cosmic energy. This energy will enter from Pannerro where you will receive cosmic energy through your crown Shock-Rah Within the pyramid concentrate only on the rhythm of your inner breathing with your eyes closed, not tightly closed you must be relaxed. Total relaxation must be exercised at this point. No visualization exercises. In this state from breath rhythm one will soon be in a total meditative state. To breathe is not part of the body; breath is the body that takes the mediator into the Etheric Body. When you are in this state your thought is empty. You will become empty to the thought of thoughts. The writing clearly states: I say unto man see your self not just as human beings, for man gave unto you the name human. I gave unto you universal energy that will take the inner self outside a label given by man. Use the wheel in your central vision to go beyond the label of earth; here you will learn the truth outside the dimension of man that will give you true conscious thoughts on the earth. Tiye Teach If meditating in a group session and a mediator has not de – cluttered conscious thoughts or thinking, this can cause spiritual retardation that blocks the cosmic energy from entering through the crown Shock-Rah and can be an irritant to self and the rest of the group. Imagine filling cups or mugs with boiling water from a filled kettle for a lovely brew of mint tea, for friends and family, suddenly the water in the kettle ran out. Your next step would be to apologize and fill the kettle again, to supply your guest. What if there was no water to refill? I want you to take this concept to meditate, all your thoughts, your pain, your worries is all gone all you have left is your breath, you have nothing left by breath; focus on your breath until the breath is no more. The writings say: I say unto the earth of man, let it be told, Man began with consciousness entwined within the etheric body from the beginning, whos life entered the Wo womb, the consciousness of self. Mans internal breath is consciousness through the source until external breath prevails, then self becomes the wheel of the Aayuni Yeux Eyes. Use the central wheel vision for the way to Monadic consciousness. Monadisch Now we know the breath takes you into thoughtlessness at which time you are in the conscious meditative state, like being asleep. Sleep is an unconscious meditative state. Through these states you receive cosmic energy. Within the pyramid the ground points allows the cosmic energy to map and stable the energy through the crown charka and circulate the entire self. Energy and knowledge is consciousness of the central sight wheel, it is the soul that encompasses all within that journey of knowledge through the wheel vision. Please practice soon we will continue to part two of the art of pyramid mediation. Peace. About the Author: Following a Near Death Experience Queen Tiye was able to channel messages from the ‘Unseen’. More ‘The Writings’ channelled by Queen Tiye can be found at Wisdom Beyond Beings. Queen Tiye also acquired the ability to see auras, amongst many other abilities. 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