The southern section of Metro Line 4 to start the construction of six weft Road station foundation p tda7294

The southern section of the southern section of Metro Line 4 to start the construction of six weft Road station foundation pit depth of 31.31 meters from the Metro Line 4 DongNan Jiao Station in Nankai District, along the East Road, Heping Road, Xingan Road, Dagu Road, Pukou road along the Haihe River, crossing the road by fourteen Jin Qin High-speed Rail, Beijing Tianjin Intercity extension line railway, along the forest road Taixing, South Road, Binhai Avenue to Civil Aviation University, ending in Dongli District new village station, the line length of 19.4 km, are off the assembly line. 14 stations, respectively: DongNan Jiao Station, Duolun Road station, Dagu Road station, Qufu Road station, six weft Road station, forest road station, Tai Road station, Dongxing Road station, ZhangGuiZhuang Railway Station, Kun Yu Road station, Yimeng Road station, Waihuanlu station, civil aviation university station, new village station. Comprehensive control center line No. 4 South control center is located in Huayuan depot, a University of civil aviation depot, the new main substation 1. Line DongNan Jiao Station in the back, and set the line northward extension conditions. Reporters from the city rail transit group was informed that the public concern Metro Line 4 south project has started construction. Yesterday, the reporter walked into the six latitude road station, the first SYPC No. 4 line construction. It is reported that this will be the city’s first underground 4 "super deep" station, high construction difficulty will also challenge the crossing line No. 9, overpass and several railway lines. The China Railway eighteen bureau responsible for the construction of the Metro Line 4 six latitude road station is located in the Haihe River Road, ten road and thirteen five road, near the Haihe River landscape belt. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the scene, as the standardization of the city civilization construction, here is clean and tidy, green grass, spray equipment, intelligent washing platform and noise, dust control systems and other equipment Goods are available in all varieties. construction workers is being carried out, the work of earth excavation and steel processing. Chen Xiaozhong, deputy manager of the project site, 4 line of the six latitude road station for the ground floor of the island of the island platform, a total of 5 entrances and exits and the air duct, the use of top-down construction method, the construction area of 15286 square meters (). At present, the project has been completed in the construction of retaining wall structure, ongoing excavation operations. It is worth mentioning that the six weft Road station is the city’s first 4 underground station, the excavation reached 31.31 meters, the deepest depth interval length of 2525.9 meters, is up to now the city subway construction in the deepest and longest station. Among them, the underground three or four floors for the station hall, the platform layer, the ground floor of the building will be one or two commercial and car parks, traffic, leisure, shopping, dining and other functions. According to reports, the pit dug so deep, because the six weft Road Station of forest road station interval shield construction will challenge a number of "high difficulty". In the process of crossing shield Jinshan railway, Tianjin Qinhuangdao High-speed Rail, Beijing Tianjin Intercity extension line, subway line 9, eleven Road, Dongfeng overpass along the way and built (structure) buildings, etc.. Among them, 4 [reporter Xing Shan]相关的主题文章: