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Quit-Smoking E-smoking is here to stay, and the benefits of the vapor cigarette over its tobacco burning cousin are widely known by now. The health benefits are absolutely undisputed since it is officially recognized that the e-cig juice does not contain tar and other carcinogenic substances, and that when it burns, no carbon monoxide is produced. The vapor cigarette also .es much cheaper and e-smokers save tons of money. Every day, people throw away their lighters and rolling papers for good and, now that the e-cigarette starter kit is out, more and more people give in. Even though the benefits are widely understood, it is still a little hard for a person whos been smoking, say, for 25 years his favorite brand of tobacco to just give it up for some new, promising e-cig juice burning device. You cant teach an old dog new tricks, they say, but that shouldnt be an excuse for being lazy. Heres where the e-cigarette starter kit .es in. Its the ideal way to give vapor cigarette smoking a chance, no strings attached, if you decide its not for you, you can go back to your good old cancer evoking friend. The e-cigarette starter kit contains only the essentials, so you dont have to pay that may never use if you go back to tobacco. Well, actually it contains a couple of items more than the absolute essentials, but these items are given as a gift, free of charge. Lets face the truth, smoking is bad and its best to quit, but if you find that too drastic, vapor cigarette smoking enables to quit smoothly, as you can get e-cig juice with lesser and lesser amounts of nicotine and progressively quit it. When you get the e-cigarette starter kit remember that the accessories are standardized, but the e-cig juice .es with different flavors and you can choose tobacco flavor, if thats what you want. So you can smoke a vapor cigarette and feel as if you have smoked an ordinary cigarette. Of course there will be same very subtle minor differences like: you wont have a bad breath, you will be able to smoke everywhere you wont be flooding your bloodstream with carcinogenic substancessmall things like that! No one is going to say Can you please stop smoking this vapor cigarette? Your vapor is killing me. The vapor cigarette doesnt release any smoke! So there are tons of reasons to get the e-cigarette starter kit and just give it a shot, see what happens. Even an old dog can learn a new trick from time to time and everyone knows that dogs love learning new tricks! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: