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Presentation A pyramid chart may be defined as a representation of data in the form of a triangle separated by horizontal lines which divide a pyramid into sections, which are believed to be filled with related topics or ideas. It is to be noticed that each section in this type of chart will differ from each other in terms of width. This differentiation indicates the level of hierarchy among the topics. This means that the widest section may contain the general topic while the narrowest section may contain a much more specific topic. The PowerPoint templates with Pyramid Charts can be to their best use when items in the template are arranged in such a way to represent the proportional, interconnected and hierarchical structure, quantity and size. This means that any topic that have a progressive order may be represented in a pyramid chart including business management positions, products sold, business locations, etc. However, the one whoever uses these charts have to understand how to prepare a PPT presentation using pyramid charts to make efficient use of Pyramid Charts in PPT Templates. The procedure of preparing PPT templates may be defined as under: Determine the Topic: One must decide upon the topic to for the pyramid chart and place the name on the top of the page. Choose subcategories: Choose and mention the subcategories for the overall topic for which the presentation is to be prepared. For example, if one has to prepare a presentation on management, then he or she should choose subcategories like positions, for business headquarters subcategories can be areas and for marketing and sales, subcategories can be modes of advertisement. It is suggested that the subcategories must be kept limited in number, so that the pyramid should not give a .plicated look. Correct Label: The content to be written in the pyramid chart should be labeled correctly, i.e., the correct text must be written in the corresponding section. Verify Accuracy: The accuracy of a pyramid chart must always be checked by having a discussion with coworkers, team members or employees and it should be made certain that the chart contains the genuine information. A pyramid chart can be categorized in two forms: Pyramid List Diagrams: A pyramid list diagram can be used to represent the relationship and inter connectivity between the texts which appears in the rectangular shapes on the pyramid background. Segmented Pyramid Diagrams: A segmented pyramid diagram is used to represent containment, proportional, or interconnected relationships. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: