Too hot to buy more than 75 tickets to spend more than 30 million tickets Guo Guo

Too hot! Suning main spend a million to buy 75 tickets for the super cattle Auction Association Cup final as early as Wednesday triggered at any moment, Suning club once official said: the FA Cup second round match home court all ticket revenue will be used for public welfare projects. On Friday, the last year is two days before the war, the club official statement all the tickets have been sold out, the even called beware of fake cattle. The history of the FA Cup for the first time in the Champions League Championship showdown is detonated detonated the whole Jinling city. Prior to public tickets online booking before the sale, many fans with the lucky to grab a ticket, but on Saturday after the ticket reservation site, "the ticket price soared," before the book online to 150 yuan tickets for the cheapest, lowest grade is the worst seat tickets, we Nanjing fans say that "ticket", the seat is too high too! But on Saturday when the scene to take a ticket, there are cattle called 400 a recovery, when the country’s top 12 games are not so exaggerated, right?" A Nanjing fan laments. Fans lamented that money cannot buy tickets, players are also hard to get a vote. As the annual blockbuster finale, Suning offers its players "complimentary tickets" number is close to the limit – as long as the players enter the list of the 18 game, can each have 10 tickets; and the first team remaining 12 non applicants, each assigned to 4 tickets. As for the reserve team, there are 2 tickets". Such a treatment, has been higher than the national football game in 12 strong "internal supply" – but Suning players or emotion tickets is far from enough. "10 tickets? My family will use at least 5 tickets? And friends and so on. To be honest, we also know that a lot of people is a kind of fun mentality, usually do not watch the ball, but the degree of concern for the game is so big, Nanjing these days the biggest topic is Su Ning, the FA Cup final, who can get a ticket on the double face! So, Sunday night can enter the Olympic atmosphere feel, is an unforgettable experience!" No game player in regret also said: "before the ticket is not made available has been booked, but after the hand, it can be said that the first time was’ robbed’!" It is worth mentioning that the overwhelming majority of the main players in the 10 tickets is not enough to send the occasion, simply pay their own tickets, which may not be the first Zhang Xiaobin even bought a ticket up to 75 tickets! Taking into account the face of the price is not low, Xiao Bin in order to buy tickets, I am afraid to spend tens of millions of dollars! Suning player said: "although the game bonus is uncertain, the club said afterwards announced. But verbal commitment has been given to the number of Hengda (said to be 20 million), we must give more! In accordance with the normal tax, the main field can get a single 1 million yuan, then tens of thousands of ticket money it was not worth mentioning……" Past domestic football often because the concert "way" has even been upstaged, however, a former Soviet war Guangdong late, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center also hosted domestic pop singer Li Ronghao concert, but compared to the 24 hours after the battle of Jinling summit, Li Rong Hao concert is P相关的主题文章: