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Too much movement, careful "field force" hold "small intestine gas" – click on the top up health Sohu " " Dongfang Hospital of Shanghai city; we recently began a campaign of white-collar Xiao Zhou himself, haven’t practiced for several days in a squat when lifting the right thigh groin the tearing like pain, Xiao Zhou was forced to stop exercising. The next few days, the location is still very painful to walk, and even do not dare to defecate. One day after Zhou stood up from the desk once again feel the intense pain in the right inguinal region, by touch, even palpable mass the size of an egg. Xiao Zhou was afraid, second days to leave early in the morning to the hospital, the doctor has done physical examination and ultrasound and then transferred to the "small hernia surgery, hernia surgeons look after Xiao Zhou told got" inguinal hernia ", and should be exercise injury. Xiao Zhou to exercise two times, how Biechu a hernia? This case belongs to the movement of the doctor is due to inguinal hernia inguinal region local defects caused tear film after partial tendon, and intra-abdominal bowel through the defect to the surface forming a prominent palpable mass. This situation can often be seen in athletes, such as Beckham, Kaka are inguinal hernia patients. At the same time, these patients often have congenital factors, such as inguinal arcuate edge position is too high, processus vaginalis was not completely closed, usually showed no serious losses, defect becomes large, inguinal hernia in the groin, also known as "intestinal gas show. A small case also not serious, he told to do surgery improved cultivation such as damage after January. The doctor also told Xiao Zhou, the modern hernia surgery is no tension hernia repair surgery, short operation time of small trauma, postoperative recovery fast, one week after operation to work, three months after the operation or Xiao Zhou can gradually return to physical exercise. As long as the small exercise properly, still can get what he wants fit. Of course, exercise there should be a gradual process, or not "the power", but suppressed "intestinal gas that is not cost-effective! The author of this article: Rui Rui hernia and abdominal wall surgery director to expand reading what is "small intestine gas"? "Intestinal" hernia, is the body tissue or the organ part away from the original site, to another part of the gap through the body, weakness or defect site, with umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, hernia, incisional hernia surgery, recurrent hernia and femoral hernia, etc.. Hernia what harm? 1, affect the digestive system of patients, and lower abdomen distension, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue, poor nutrition absorption and physical decline and other symptoms; 2, because the groin and urogenital system adjacent, so elderly patients prone to frequent micturition, urgency, nocturia, urinary bladder or prostate disease the normal development of children; 3, because of the extruding of hernia testis; 4, while young patients may cause sexual dysfunction; 5, also because of the hernia sac were相关的主题文章: