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Health Between beauty magazines, girl talk, and enthusiastic sales associates, youre bound to hear the same advice over and over again. But as some advice gets repeated, the truth is often obscured by tradition and word-of-mouth. Before you try to take everything to heart, take a look at these common beauty misconceptions. Cleanse skin until you get that squeaky clean feeling Ive always loved the way my skin feels after a good cleansing. The way I cleansed before, my skin felt tight, firm, and even shiny in a way that I thought meant that my skin was very clean. But the truth is that this feeling, especially combined with the stinging and burning sensation that I thought meant my products were working, is actually a sign of damage to the skin. In order to deposit ingredients, most skin cleansers have to break through the protective top layer of skin, the stratum corneum. Overwashing and scrubbing with harsh cleansers and exfoliators strips the skin of healthy oils and damage this layer of skin, which is the real source of that tight, squeaky clean feeling that may follow burning and stinging. If you are having these issues, try a more gentle cleanser and avoid exfoliators with rough beads or other ingredients that scratch at skin. Instead, look to gentle physical exfoliators like mechanical complexion brushes. Anti-aging results require drastic measures I always thought that if I wanted to reduce the look of my wrinkles in a significant way, it would involve needles or scalpelsnot my thing. Im so squeamish that I bring a pillow to donate blood for when I inevitably feel faint. Creams and other non-invasive options didnt do much for me, so Id resolved to accept the deep lines around my eyes, mouth, and forehead. However, the problem was that trying every cream wont help when practically every cream uses the same approach. Turns out, I just needed to try something different, which I found with NeriumAD cream. Using advanced extraction technology, NeriumAD uses Nerium oleander extract to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinical trials showed that subjects saw results at around 30 days, so I jumped at the idea of adding such a simple step to my routine that wouldnt require any drastic measures. When my friends started to notice my smoother looking skin, they thought I had finally given in and joined the injection club. Now they use NeriumAD, too. Oil-Free is the Only Way to Be While its true that some oils may cause breakouts and other skin issues, the key is to use the right oils in the right way. When I tell people that I actually cleanse my skin with oil, they usually laugh and say, But oil clogs your skin! Products are supposed to be oil-free! The thing is, I specifically use cleansing oils. Olive, castor, grape seed, jojoba, mineral, sesame, and other types of oils actually have cleansing properties and wont clog pores, and can make skin healthier overall in the process. You can also moisturize with ingredients like argan oil. Before you count oils out or in, do your research as to the actual function of the oil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: