Trasylol Class Action Lawsuit Information. Hiring A Trasylol Lawsuit

Real-Estate People have witnessed the recent redraw of some popular drugs due to their severe side effects. These drugs, of which Trasylol is an example, have been withdrawn from the market in order to put an end to severe complications that may appear after bypass surgery. Safety concerns have played a major role in these recalls and the recall class action attorney has become important in order to help patients protect their legal rights. An attorney will start the lawsuit that can compensate people for their current suffering or loss. If you have been affected by Trasylol used during your bypass surgery, you should consider hiring a Trasylol lawsuit attorney in order to help you to get compensation. The class action lawsuit is different from other lawsuits; for instance, such a lawsuit will represent a group of individuals who were affected by the same drug or product in the same way. Actually, the wrong can come in the severe form of a physical harm that may be due to the Trasylol usage. It is well known that this anti-bleeding drug can increase the risks of developing future strokes, heart and kidneys failure. The Trasylol lawsuit attorney can fill the class-action suit on behalf of all the patients who were affected by this drug. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to the class-action suit. The primary advantage resides in the fact that a group of people will be represented by the Trasylol lawsuit attorney. They will be provided with the opportunity to present their case in front of a court in order to be compensated for their suffering and loss. They will not have to file a separate suit by themselves; for instance, the severe side effects of this anti-bleeding drug can justify the necessity of hiring a recall class action attorney in order to take proper care of the whole matter without each of the affected patients having to file the separate lawsuits in order to get compensated. The Food and Drug Administration approved Aprotinin in 1993, a drug marketed by Bayer as Trasylol. Until being withdrawn from the market, sales of Trasylol over the past several years had escalated to more than $600 million. Unfortunately, there are estimates that at least 10,000 patients may unnecessarily need kidney dialysis due to use of aprotinin during heart surgery. Many patients may have been injected with Trasylol to reduce blood loss during coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery. Patients who underwent heart surgery are largely unaware if Trasylol was used during their heart surgery. The decision to use aprotinin (Trasylol) was made by a patients treating doctor. A recent study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) (2006) reported a connection between Trasylol and increased risk of renal (kidney) failure, myocardial infarction, heart failure or stroke in patients who have had heart surgery. Aprotinin (Trasylol) affects the way in which blood clots. Trasylol is injected into patients who are undergoing open heart surgery. Excessive bleeding, during and after heart surgery, is a serious complication. Such bleeding exposes patients to multiple risks. Aprotinin (Trasylol) is primarily used during repeat coronary artery bypass surgery to reduce the amount of bleeding. The amount of blood transfusion required is reduced by using clotting medications including Trasylol. The NEJM study concluded that two other generic drugs were available that are safer and less expensive than Trasylol. Neither of the generic drugs (Amicar and Cyklokapron) was associated with increased risk of kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. The generic Amicar cost per dose = $11 The generic Cyklokapron cost per dose = $44 Trasylol cost per dose = $1300. So, if you have been affected by the side effects of this anti-bleeding drug, you should hire an attorney in order to get compensated for your suffering and loss. The class-action lawsuit could be the form of litigation in the future for Trasylol because this type of lawsuit is not likely to burden the court. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: