Trial Divorce – a new way to save marriage

Trial Divorce – a new way to save the marriage concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: continued margin marriage research center the moment there is a new way to save the marriage, the divorce trial, it is a bit like separation, but it is different and separated, the couple agreed in case of divorce, from life "from" a period of time, in no hurry to do from the law divorce, give each other a buffer time. In the buffer period, the couple have a new understanding of each other and the marriage, there are a lot of people can’t stand life after divorce and willing to become friends again, so try divorce became a new way to save the marriage. The specific operation form of "Trial Divorce": divorce is voluntary couple, and for a lawsuit without fault marriage divorce, divorce trial must be debt registration, must also be signed housing agreement. One of the most important is a trial divorce contract, the contract includes time limit, rights, obligations, and so on, and then the couple can begin to separate, try to divorce the freedom and discomfort caused by some feelings. In order to make the Trial Divorce looks more like a divorce, two people during this period is best not to contact, for children with the husband and wife, be sure to discuss how to deal with children’s problems, so as not to cause unnecessary harm. The important role of "Trial Divorce": give each other some space. Marriage to love a family, but when the family too many quarrels and conflicts, the marriage will be tired, the home becomes crowded together, the whole room is full of smoke, the couple have no place to hide. But try divorce can give couples making such a space under one roof bow to see the rise of life may make people think that all this old, but after the separation but also because not see each other, because feel the pain of divorce and marriage and love for each other and miss. So, at this time apart, two people have their own space, enough to calm down a good reflection of marriage, to the end, you should be glad that they did not because the impulse to divorce, but the use of this method tries to calm divorce. Cherish each other to learn to cherish. Have the time do not know how to cherish, wait until the loss of too late for regrets, this is the vast majority of people’s marriage is on the verge of collapse, the spirit of the people can not carry, so the idea of divorce, in a quarrel, blurted out "divorce"! Really can wait until after the divorce, a start to get free, but also with the passage of time gradually regret their original figure is a fresh look at each other, very regret not cherish the marriage. But there is no regret medicine in the world, in order to avoid the fear of divorce and fear of divorce after the people, divorce is not a good choice. After the separation, the distance between two people was opened, has temporarily stopped, so you see each other is more objective, when you re know each other you will find that he still has a lot of advantages to attract you, just as it shine. Memories of love scenes emerge, this road is not easy, it is able to相关的主题文章: