Trump Zaibao amazing speech should cancel the election directly that I win

Trump: Zaibao amazing speech should cancel the election directly announced the original title: I won the U.S. presidential election of 2016: Trump said we should cancel the direct election announced that he is the president [compiled observer network] although the deep red "insulting" and "don’t promise to accept the election results and other crises, the U.S. presidential election the Republican candidate Trump is still standing. Local time Thursday (27 days), Trump at a rally in Ohio to release "move, called for the election should be canceled, directly to the presidency to him, because" Hilary’s policy is too poor (bad) ". Comprehensive CNN, Washington Post (CNN) news, Trump in a number of key battleground polls behind his opponent Hilary, but the 27 day in West City Industrial Toledo (Toledo) the audience said, "we should cancel the election, to give it to Trump, right?…… Why do we have to choose? Her policy is too bad!" Less than two weeks from the general election in November 8th, the top candidates have been unable to withstand, according to the observer network reported yesterday, the United States local time on the 26 day, is the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary • • • Clinton’s birthday of 69 years old, and so on. The same day, she was on the twitter drying out a young black and white photos, I wish a happy birthday at the same time, do not forget to call themselves the future president". At a rally in Ohio, Trump again ridiculed her lack of energy, and said she wanted to start a federal investigation on the use of private e-mail servers and her family foundation during her time as secretary of state. He said Hilary would take the power of the Secretary to sell. If Hilary had the chance, she would sell the Oval Office (Oval Office) power. Trump also mentioned that the election was "manipulating", he thinks the media and some institutions to make his election defeat, Trump reminded people to support their action, otherwise the presidency will be stolen because of vote fraud. The same day, the Democratic candidate Hilary in the swing state of North Carolina, Winston – Salem campaign, trying to use the first lady Michel (Michelle Obama) the charm of her campaign canvassing, previously warned supporters, in fact the election situation is more intense than the poll results. Hilary hopes that Michel’s appeal to young people and African Americans will help consolidate her lead in North carolina. The Trump campaign site map at Wake Forest University in Ohio (Wake Forest University) campaign site, Michel passionately remind the audience of 11 thousand, Americans for voting rights at the expense of life. She said: "it was an unprecedented election, and that’s why I came here. This election is not just about the competition between Republicans and Democrats. It’s about the future of our children and our country". Hilary said, as Michel reminds us, this election is related to our children, to me, to grandchildren. "We have something to do. From now on, we come together. We work together to be hopeful, optimistic and united." Michel said Trump is not a suitable candidate for the president, the recording of the incident相关的主题文章: