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Movies-TV Many hit British TV shows have been re-worked for American TV. Same with Australian and Canadian shows, but only once has a huge hit show on US screens .e from Colombia! But such is the case with "Yo Soy Betty, La Fea", re-named for America TV as "Ugly Betty". The original telenovela or soap opera ran from 1999 until 2001 in Colombia and has inspired very many similar versions throughout the world. The original Colombian show has been broadcast ‘as is’, and dubbed into the native languages of China, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, India, Italy, Lithuania, Indonesia, Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, Hungary, The Philippines, Turkey and Romania! Many other countries have produced their own versions with their own stars and altered titles and scripts. In the USA, ABC’s "Ugly Betty" stars America Ferrera, as ‘Betty Suarez’, Eric Mabius, Vanessa Williams, Micahel Urie, Becki Newton and others. One of the executive producers is Salma Hayek, who was also a regular cast member in Season Two. The show has been renewed for a fourth season, starting September 2009 but we understand that this was never a foregone conclusion and the show’s future had been in doubt. The American ‘Ugly Betty’ is just one of many versions made for different countries. Most of the foreign shows share the same basic concept but many have veered away from the original’s scripts and created new names, new workplaces, new scenarios for their own formats. Among the versions shown are Greece’s ‘Maria, i Aschimi’, (Maria, the Ugly One) where Maria the secretary to one Alexis Mantas, director of a fashion house called E.oda. Mantas’ fiancee wants HER best friend, the beautiful Lilian to take Maria’s job and keep an eye on the philandering fiance. In the Czech Republic the series became "Ugly Kate" while in Spain it’s "Yo Soy Bea" featuring the main character ‘Beatriz’. The Dutch simply call the show "Lotte" after the show’s main character, while in Mexico the main character is re-named ‘Leticia’ and the show is "La Fea Mas Bella" (The Most Ugly Beautiful Woman). Russia’s version of "Ugly Betty" translates to "Be Not Born Beautiful" and the main character there is ‘Katya’, while the ‘Betty’ name in Turkey is ‘Gonul’ and the show’s title translates as "Won’t Work Without You." In Germany, the show was called "Verliebt in Berlin" and was hugely successful and the main character was named ‘Lisa’, but the second season carried on without her and introduced a male character as the new lead, as Lisa’s half-brother. So, this Colombian show has been amongst the most successful formats of all time in television history. In most countries where it, or a remake has been aired, ratings have been extremely high, so apparently beauty isn’t everything, and ugly is ‘in’. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: