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Under the control of the property market can attract funds transfer? Central broadcasting network Beijing October 10th news, according to voice of the economy, the transaction reported that the National Day holiday 7 days of the introduction of the property market in the city of 19 new deal, high prices to the crossroads. Under the control of the property market, the stock market can attract funds transfer? "Transaction" in the circle of friends of WeChat, analysts and financial commentators hot constantly. Shenwan Hong Shi Lei: whether the property market regulation under the main controversy is the return of funds will be the stock market. In the real estate investment funds for profit is very strong, the stock market also has to attract funds, that is to play down the new institutions, funds can be defensives in bargain configuration at the same time to hedge the volatility of stock index futures market part. Stability refers to participate in the fight against the new, the annual income of more than two digits. Because there is a hedge, these funds are more consideration of the stock price of the crash, and there will be no willingness to chase high, so the market for more than a period of time is reflected in the resilience, rather than offensive. Today the market first face is how to hedge the real estate stocks fell, and then a ten week moving average, if can realize, we can focus on business growth is the value of the shares of A, or continue to wait and see. Zhao Pengfei of the financial sector: with the large area of real estate regulation, the capital is expected to return A shares is relatively strong. In addition, according to the past few years, A shares rose after the preganglionic postganglionic performance is a high probability event, the festival of A shares can expect more. Yang Delong, chief economist at Qianhai open source: with its pursuit of the property market is not as good as the bubble to embrace some quality blue chips. During the national day, many government regulation of the real estate market, these measures will be effective against real hot, and may guide some of the funds from the property market into the stock market, which is conducive to the rebound in the stock market. From past experience, early in the regulation of real estate, some real estate related sector may decline, on the other hand, the real estate industry chain and independent sectors will appear relatively large increase, such as medicine, food, beverage and other consumer segments and in the industry, the brokerage sector would be better the performance of. Shun Securities chief investment adviser Zhang Deliang: the key is the rising trend of A shares has not been formed, but also from the stock index structure currently speaking, the overall level of earnings and record high, still remain in the 50 to 70 times, such a high level of earnings is indeed difficult to Zaishangtaijie, but overall at the blue chip market rate is about 12 times. If you can find a breakthrough in some of the large blue chip market, the market will have a very positive support, so after a period of time, the market will still remain at a relatively stable state. New era securities Rui: during the holiday season, the world has been a certain number of general, but this general is relatively. The impact of the market may be more focused on some of the higher concentration of species, such as coal or natural gas and other sectors. Fu Shaoqi: the real estate stocks is relatively large for the A shares market weight, the impact on the index, or relatively bad, so the opening festival market and at the line level, the weekly level.相关的主题文章: