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Self-Improvement Here we explore one of the age-old re.mendations in sales: ABC = Always Be Closing. To always be closing means to hold the intention to close the sale, and to allow your language and your attitude to demonstrate this intention. Here are some ways to use "ABC." Language When you are confident that the prospect will buy, your language reflects this assumption. Here’s an example: if you assume the prospect will buy, then you might say something like "When you make your purchase, you’ll see that;" as opposed to, "If you decide to buy, you’ll notice that…." Your language lets the prospect know in very subtle terms that you are here to do business, and that you fully expect them to buy. When you assume that the prospect will buy, it is this assumption that lets you naturally choose language to convey this intention. Clarity It also helps for you to be crystal clear on what you’re selling, why it’s of benefit to the prospect, why your .pany or product is superior to the .petition, and why it’s worth the cost. When you are crystal clear on your offer, it makes it that much easier to really hear what the prospect is saying, and to demonstrate how what you’re offering is a perfect match. Your clarity around what you are selling (and why) is what enables you to effortlessly ABC (always be closing) because you already know you’ve got the goods, and can easily demonstrate this throughout the sales conversation or presentation. Professionalism Practice your pitch until it’s perfect. Reading from a script is one of the worst ways to try to make a sale – it’s an instant turnoff and a sure sign of a novice. When you’ve nailed your pitch, you won’t be thinking or worrying about what to say, and it’s much easier to .e across as natural and approachable when this is the case. A smooth and polished pitch (not rote) demonstrates confidence and professionalism, and puts you forth as someone the prospect can trust because you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re offering, and you’re here to help. Additionally, a professional appearance and demeanor also lets the prospect know you are serious about your meeting, your product or service, and your job as a sales professional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: