Using Corporate Massage To Strengthen Business-onavo protect

Alternative With the stock market up 35 percent over the past 15 months and employers beginning to hire again, analysts are saying that a recovery in the U.S. economy has arrived. In a span of two-and-a-half years that has seen the markets shed over half of their value and more than 8 million jobs lost, the green shoots of an economic recovery are opportunities for employers to cash in. Retaining quality employees while attracting new business to your .pany are the best ways to capitalize in the recovery, and corporate massage can help in these endeavors. Recessions are great times to pick up highly qualified employees as many highly skilled people are unable to find jobs in the careers of their choosing. As the economy improves, these highly qualified employees may think about moving on to different fields and businesses. Corporate massage can help retain these employees, with chair or table massage therapy showing employees that they are appreciated, while also serving as an important part of a larger corporate wellness program. This is important, as studies have shown corporate wellness programs to be associated with less employee absenteeism as well as higher rates of employee job satisfaction and retention. Beside attracting and retaining quality employees, corporate massage can also help attract and increase business. Corporate massage, in the form of onsite table or chair massage, can generate interest in your .pany at trade shows or other events. Instead of trying to persuade people to .e check out what your business has to offer, onsite massage therapy can entice them to .e on their own. Then, as these potential customers and clients are waiting in line for their free massage, or after they have received their massage, you, or someone with your business, can strike up a conversation or pass out information. Given the unique situation that the free massage provides, your .pany message should stick out. Corporate massage is a handy asset, not only because it can strengthen and increase business, but also because it can be made to fit the needs of any .pany. A .pany looking for a way to boost worker morale in a small office can have a chair massage therapist .e in, with minimal office space sacrificed. A larger .pany meanwhile can have an entire room dedicated to table massage therapy and a relaxing, stress-busting experience. This convenience extends to massage at conventions and other special events, with people able to .e to a self-contained massage station and receive massage therapy through their clothes. While crisis and opportunity may not always go hand in hand – in the Chinese language or in business – as the economy turns around, .panies will start hiring and buying again. Corporate massage can help ensure that your .pany is in position to both retain high quality employees as well as attract the attention of potential buyers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: