Wang Lichuan Gao Yixiang Saimoe campus slag male height difference to subvert the image (video) thinkpad s230u

Wang Lichuan Gao Yixiang "Saimoe campus slag male height difference" to subvert the image of "poor" "the most adorable height of the most fierce notice given file by Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin, Fan Tiantian, starring abalone McCain, directed the romantic comedy" the most adorable height difference in November 25th will be landing in theaters nationwide ". This is the "Taiwan metrosexual man" Gao Yixiang to enter the mainland entertainment for the first time as a movie, he challenged himself to subvert the image of a gentleman, as a campus "slag men" in the film, and 95 after the new actor Wang Shuilin Saimoe partner group CP, and the "spicy strong woman" fan calm, "a variety of harmonic abalone star came to help out, jointly staged a wonderful warm heart of campus love comedy. The summer of 2016 is a fantasy adaptation of IP’s, "Zhi", "nine Qingyun sky", "city of fantasy" and many other TV series thunder, little rain, the ratings results are not ideal. In the fierce competition, starring Gao Yixiang cure Romance Drama "met Wang Lichuan" a dark horse brighten, with natural plump become a "plot summer clean", to win a large number of audience, also let Gao Yixiang first ushered in the peak of career. Debut ten years, although has good appearance conditions, but Gao Yixiang is always a tepid Taiwan actor, often in the form of a supporting role as green leaves, before Wang Lichuan, best known for the screen image is playing Lin Chiling’s fiance in the "101 proposal" in the end is helplessly Lin Chiling was looking at Huang Bo away. The lines are more, occasionally show, but in a perfect interpretation of Wang Lichuan’s gentleman, he finally proved himself, some netizens commented: "he calm with a little naive Hony pure, noble reserved under half with moderate affinity." There are also users of his character: "Gao Yixiang praised as Wang Lichuan to meet a woman all men’s fantasies!" Although called Yan Haoyin Soviet legs "national new husband", in the movie "Gao Yixiang" is the most adorable height difference as a figure temperament is completely inconsistent with their role, "Zhang Xiao", as a hundred-percent student, he loves basketball, love photography, the most commonly used traffic the tool is a super sports car, favorite clothes is a plaid shirt, Jersey, students understand he is good, funny than the tongue is a must, after the exposure of the trailer, when the summer Xiling self introduction "in wells Princess", Xiao Zhang immediately cheap adorable answer: "you are two ah!" Because outspoken and inadvertently outrageous actions, Zhang Xiao was full of Xia Xiling as a slag man, in the back and forth in the interaction, but the Xiling Zhang Xiao Xia well acquainted, a romantic love funny story begins. In order to close to reality, Gao Yixiang broke his innate xianpin temperament, the image of great contrast, the audience can not accept, there are also fans across the empty expression: "love Gao Yixiang, Wang Lichuan is just one of his characters, but not his position, he will create more and better works, a good the actor, is to carry out the diversified roles of different attempts, looking forward to his first true sense as a man and a number of film works."相关的主题文章: