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"Warrior’s gate" exposure Mark Ni Ni to lead the Black Knight Trailer ultimate salvation release in November 18th fantasy action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" exposure of the ultimate trailer, bodyguard Mark, Princess Ni Ni, the boy Uriah · Sheldon and the wizard Wu Zhenyu embarked on a magic journey exit. Du survived the wave, Uriah · Sheldon also became the black knight in Mark, under the guidance of our salvation. The trailer of the grand war scenes, magic intertwined Meihuan, monster animals lifelike, magic temperament at a glance. Such disputes spread the real world magic shuttle queen Ni Ni and Maya, the Barbarian King Dave · Batista imtv. The ultimate trailer, Ni Ni was his firm, outside the palace warriors and the Barbarian King Dave prepared to meet the challenge, · Batista went barbarians at bay. A grand scene with a roar of war soundtrack, fantasy battle feeling show. When a military campaign across the illusion, this disaster has also spread to the real world. The big boy Sheldon and seek Ni Ni Black Knight protection was the check, Ni Ni was also the barbarian hostage, further escalation of crisis dreamland. "Warrior Trailer door" also shows Sheldon the way counter attack. Weakness in the real world forced Sheldon to cross the illusion, he fought in the illusion and guards Mark and Wu Zhenyu the wizard. There are two people in this group is both intelligent and courageous, moron Sheldon had a solid arm in the rescue task of Ni Ni. In the film, Mark repeatedly rescued Sheldon, help him defeat the Dryads and other fine mountain monster, and Wu Zhenyu also used the space time stagnation, magic Burst spells to help Sheldon to stop the enemy. The growth of counter attack group of two people gave birth to the Black Knight Zhiyong Sino French co production "warrior’s gate" tells the story of Sheldon entered the dreamland after hardships grow into the Black Knight story. The trailer, by brute forces surrounded very panic, error trap was hung and not confident of their own ability to plot showing the rookie just entering the fairyland when weak. However, he became the Black Knight, in front of many tall barbarian warrior, Sheldon will win an overwhelming force, the action moves also let a person look xuemaibizhang. As a companion Mark he can not only teach the enemy moves, still the spirit led him to give up the weak face, finally grow into the black knight. Mark said: "the little boy is always starting to escape their fears, to avoid a lot of things to deal with their own. He later brought up the courage to do his best to learn and overcome, the courage to face their fears." "Warrior’s gate" by the Shanghai KEMET film Limited by Share Ltd, Europa Corp, France based beauty pictures limited joint production, November 18th, the audience will appreciate this magical action blockbuster shock.相关的主题文章: