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Writing-and-Speaking This Canada Summer English Program is an exclusive and high quality English immersion course coupled with stimulating recreational and sociable things to do. At the Canada Summer English Program our aim would be to encourage and challenge students to raise his or her English abilities while having a satisfying and truly unforgettable summer. Our english program is located in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, a couple of the most desired cities to arrive at in Western Canada. The attractive city of Kelowna can be found on gorgeous Okanagan Lake in the heart of Okanagan Valley. A point of interest is that Canada’s most famous water monster is the Ogopogo and a visit to Kelowna would not be complete without taking the time to look for the Ogopogo, the legendary lake monster that reputedly lives in this lake. The warm summer temperature offers superb outside things to do, water sports, attractions and community events. The multicultural city of Vancouver lies on the Pacific Ocean surrounded by majestic mountains. Vancouver offers excellent recreation, scenic parks and exciting sight-seeing opportunities. The multi-ethnic populace of Vancouver improves the atmosphere in the city. The Canada Summer English Program participants benefit from the safety, friendliness and security of these not one but two outstanding Canadian cities during the four week program. Our English classes are not like other language courses. Students are involved in highly interactive and engaging language activities. Pop and rock music is used to enhance English vocabulary in order to better fully grasp the up-to-date use of English expressions. The emphasis of our classes is to bolster dialogue and knowledge. Activities like group discussions, debate, problem resolving and general opinion building approaches and vocabulary games are utilized. Students are harmonized to reside with an English communicating household while in Kelowna. This provides an superb opportunity for conversing and interaction with native English language speakers in an everyday atmosphere. The CSEP offers an outstanding selection of exciting as well as enjoyable leisure and social activities. These day-to-day afternoon activities are carefully chosen to be really stimulating and enjoyable to students. Sailing, paintball, river rafting, boating, tubing and golf are some examples. Just think about the excitement along with the exhilaration involving rafting on the white water of the mighty Thompson River or totally enjoying a warm summer morning boating and tubing on Okanagan Lake! Over the past decade students have consistently ranked the Canada Summer English Program as "better" or maybe "much better" than alternative language program previously attended. At the Canada Summer English Program, we are extremely pleased of our positive final results in assisting young people improve their English skills in addition to making long-lasting friendships and widening their point of view about life. One of the best part about these summer english program is the emphasis on plain old fun. Students surrounded by their peers from across the world learn to communicate together and they are introduced to diversity within a fun, safe environment. It is the equivalent of sending ones own children to summer get away, but feeling like their ahead of the curve because their improving their English as well. Come discover for yourself. We know that you will learn considerably, have some fun and accumulate many outstanding memories! Robert Maxey is program director of CSEP and is commited to helping young people improve their English skills while at the same time encouraging personal development and growth. All of their teaching staff are university educated professionals with extensive teaching experience. Visit their CSEP website here : Canada Summer English Program 相关的主题文章: