What Comes Up When People Google You 美军发对俄作战册 美女球员入日本籍

UnCategorized Did you hear about the consultant who was being considered for a big project? The client Googled her and when they came up empty, she lost the job. Have you Googled your own name or the name of your business? You should! Because the ways of the world have fundamentally changed and those search results matter, particularly if you want new clients. Think about the paradigm shift. If someone is looking for a chiropractor to deal with a mysterious ache: The Old Ways: 1. Ask a friend. Call and make appointment. 2. Look up Chiropractor in the Yellow Pages. Call and make appointment. The New Ways: 1. Ask a friend. Then look that name up on the Internet. If you like what you see, call and make appointment. 2. Start on the Internet. Research your pain. Then look for a practitioner near you who can help. Look up a bunch of them. Check out their websites. If you like what you see, call and make appointment. You have submitted a proposal for a major consulting project. You are waiting to hear if you got it. The Old Way: You get a referral from an existing client. You go in person to fact-find and then return to present the project. They look at it, say yes. The New Way The RFP is posted online. Hundreds of consultants respond. Your proposal gets through the screening process and you get the opportunity to present it virtually over the phone or via a webinar. Then they Google you to see your credentials. If you check out okay, then they MAY call and say Yes. You are job-hunting and have found the hiring manager at your target company. She has your resume. The Old Way: She sees you are a good fit. She calls your references, then phones you to set up interview. The New Way: She has hundreds of resumes (since it was posted on Monster.com) Her scanning software looks for keywords in your resume. If yours pops out, she hands it to an assistant. The assistant Googles you. If you appear with credible websites, links and credentials, the assistant conducts a screening phone interview. If you don’t flunk that, you may get an in-person interview. The Internet is the new intermediary. IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET, YOU ARE CONSPICUOUS BY YOUR ABSENCE. And if you don’t have your own website, then the search results that pop up for you will be: campaign contributions, your wedding announcement, your marathon results, your Classmates listing from junior high school. It is in your interest to make sure that web searchers find your web site, highlighting what you want them to know. What are you waiting for? Google yourself and see what comes up. Is the message clear enough? Get on with the web marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: