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.puters-and-Technology What makes a good web design portfolio? That is the question that each and every freelancer has asked himself at one point, especially when just starting out in the web design business. This can turn into sort of a catch-22 situation because in order to make a good web design portfolio, you are clearly going to need a lot of web design experience, yet that is not going to be possible…if you are just starting out. This sort of existential problem for web designers—especially professional ones—can really be an impediment. However, if you working in web design and just beginning your career, you can actually build your own web design portfolio by performing projects for yourself. In this way, you will actually be building up your very own experience that you have to use in order to pad your inadequate web design portfolio. Aside from this, there are a number of other smart steps that you can take in order to finally create a good web design portfolio. For starters, you ought to really think about building your very own website. Constructing your own website is really all about helping you build up your own portfolio pieces. This does not mean that your whole, entire site is all just one, giant piece for your portfolio to showcase to prospective clients. Rather, think of it as a piece that can actually be subdivided into several, smaller pieces that can stand on their own as portfolio pieces. For instance, the homepage of your own website could be a portfolio piece all on its own, as could the contact forms as well as the custom 404 pages. Even any CMS templates could also be portfolio pieces all by themselves. A surefire way to beef up your portfolio is by way of educating yourself about various platforms so that you can bring up the quality of your web design. For example, it could not hurt to get some further training in web design software like Adobe Dreamweaver, and with this Adobe Dreamweaver training, you could beef up your portfolio in such a way that it stands to get noticed with greater probability. One nifty idea for improving your web design portfolio is to simply take some web design classes either in person or just online. Since there is no rule against using class assignments as part of your portfolio, this is a good approach. You will learn new web design techniques, too, thereby allowing you to incorporate more sophisticated pieces in your web design portfolio. So what makes a good web design portfolio? First of all, it is not being discouraged just because you do not have the necessary experience yet to boast a sizable portfolio. A web design portfolio does not have to be full of jobs and projects that clients have .missioned for you to do; a web design portfolio can also include some of your own projects that you have undertaken merely to make yourself a better web designer. Try out some unique inclusions for your web design portfolio and be rewarded for it. Copyright (c) 2012 Mandi Pralle About the Author: 相关的主题文章: