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Health Anorexia people exhibit certain traits that manifest in different ways. Some of these traits include distrust of themselves or other people, overly critical thinking or being a perfectionist and having low or no self awareness. If these traits are present, the risk of developing anorexia doubles. When a patient with these distinct traits live in .munities that are critical about a persons appearance, specifically about a persons body, the pressure doubles and leaves them vulnerable to anorexia. If you know any person that exhibits three or more of these traits, one should try to get them help. They should be very careful when going through a strict diet program. The risk is that they might transform the diet and eventually have an unhealthy view of themselves. They would look at the diet as a means to increase their self esteem. To them, they see controlling their weight as an easier option than controlling other aspects of life. As the illness progresses, it be.es increasingly hard to control both as they spiral further and further into despair. Anorexia people would lower and lower their food intake until finally they would stop eating altogether. Eventually the body would respond by eating into their muscles for calories. Although it started as something to keep themselves healthy it would eventually change into something unhealthy. The afflicted would be obsessed with their weight. They would starve; purge themselves to maintain their weight at a low level. Thin is not enough; they always have to be thinner. The afflicted would often look at themselves in a mirror and see a fat person. In truth their bodies would be ravaged by all the weight loss it has been through. Their skin would be hanging off their bones but all they would see is fat. Their obsession about losing their weight would continue up to the point that they get hospitalized or worse. Sufferers can be classified into two categories. They could be the type that restricts their food intake. In this category, anorexia people will limit the calories in their diet. They will stay away from food that can be fattening. They will also ac.pany this extreme dieting with excessive exercise and fasting. Another category is the purging type. These people would resort to vomiting and use of laxatives and diuretics to remove the calories that they have consumed. They would also go through fasting and other radical means to maintain and reduce their weight. Such people can be anyone. In most cases they, are adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 20, but it is not too un.mon to see this condition in men and children. It is also hard to tell an anorexic from a normal person because they make a conscious effort to hide their condition. Most of them are ashamed of what they are doing and will go to great lengths just so they dont get discovered. You will only notice them when it has gone overboard. At this point, the condition can lead to death. This condition is very serious and could be fatal. Fortunately there is still hope. It is important that people that have anorexia seek proper treatment. The condition can be controlled with proper support but it is important to catch the symptoms early. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: