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Marketing Technology has changed the dimensions of marketing significantly. In the earlier times marketing was done in the traditional ways such as advertising on television and door to door leaflet drops. With boom of technology there are many other alternatives available to the marketers now. Marketing plays a very important role in the success of any .pany. But choosing expensive marketing channels can affect the revenues of your .pany. This is the reason even in the bandwagon of online marketing techniques some of the traditional and cost effective direct marketing processes such as leaflet distribution and direct mailing have still survived. When you choose a direct mailing or leaflet distribution service lot of stress has to be provided on the service providers" capabilities. DBS Limited is a known name in the field of direct marketing. They offer various types of direct mailing and leaflet distribution services. If you have a look through their website you will find the success stories of many business owners. DBS Limited has helped many business owners realize their dreams of making it big in the industry. They have the expertise and services that can fast track the growth of any business. DBS Limited understands the core features that separate a successful direct marketing campaign form an unsuccessful one. The direct marketing services of DBS Limited have been broken down into various aspects such as Profiling and targeting, Printing, Distribution and Fulfillment, data, collation & mailings. As mentioned above these aspects target some vital areas of a direct marketing campaign. Any direct marketing campaign at DBS Limited starts with Targeting & Profiling. As you would understand it is essential to select a target market before .mencing with any marketing campaign. DBS Limited does this for their clients. They use market research and their local knowledge to .e out with a viable list of prospective clients. This list is segregated according to the area, street and other features. There are two types of targeting "" geo demographic targeting and area targeting. Next .es Printing services, this is also quintessential for the success of a direct marketing campaign. Good designs and content can instigate a recipient to read through your direct marketing material. DBS Limited provides high quality prints. They do not .promise on the quality of paper. There are various artwork and design options available at the website too. The best thing about DBS Limited"s printing services is that all the ordered items are ready for distribution within 4-5 business days. Leaflet distribution services of DBS Limited some with various options such as Solus, Newshare and Shared Distribution. With Solus distribution services your direct marketing material will be distributed solely while in newshare your leaflets will be sent along with the newspaper. If any area does not have enough readership of local newspapers then a .bination of both these process is used which is termed as Shared distribution. Direct marketing services of DBS Limited do not end with the distribution. Their Team Leaders will carry out checks two weeks after leaflet drops to assure that proper delivery has been made. With their numerous features DBS Limited has caught on the imagination of the marketers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: