Writing a book successfully happens only when the author is passionate about it 刘涛现身市场买菜 赤裸女子高速自尽

Writing a book successfully happens only when the author is passionate about it, otherwise the writing does not get done. All sorts of excuses come up: no time, too busy, the dog needs walking, accepting every phone call and handling it rather than writing the book. The best excuse is reading emails three or four times everyday so no time to write. A passionate writer develops good writing habits and rarely strays from them. The writer is in The Zone and writes as if there is no tomorrow. As my pal Prashant Marathay, board game creator, says, "When I’m in The Zone I am on vacation." Here are some WRITING techniques that work and could make it easier to be in The Zone more frequently. Try out the acronym W.R.I.T.I.N.G. below and see if you can change your writing habits and you could have your next book ready in 90 days or less. W – Writing Habits are important tools to your success Get in the good habit of having everything ready for you to write and write at the same time each day you choose to write. Here are some things that successful writers do. You can adapt this to fit your own needs. -Desk with computer, typewriter, or other favorite writing tools. -Pen and notebook -Post-it pads -3×5 index cards -Recording device for thoughts and ideas -Have a CD player, radio, iPod, or other device to play your favorite music. -No television in the room. Form a daily writing habit of at least 30 minutes at a time. Then build it to one or two hours on your chosen writing days. R – Regimen helps you keep on writing Write at the same time on your chosen days. Schedule it on your calendar. Keep a consistent writing schedule as much as possible. Setting up a regimen is a good way to stay in The Zone. I – Ideas flow freely Everything you write starts with an idea. While you are walking an idea pops up that you want to include in your book. A friend tells you a story that would work well in your book. Or you come up with your own stories. Always have a pen and notebook with you to write down those great thoughts that come to you in the spur of the moment. You might forget the thought later. Once you start the ideas will come. Grab your notebook for some great ideas. T – Think with an open mind When someone gives you an idea for your book, write it down in your notebook. Don’t judge it yet. Keep an open mind because you are just brainstorming right now. Make all kinds of notes of all the ideas that pop into your head. Write them down. When you are ready to write review your notes and you can then decide if you want to use them or not. I – Interest your readers If you want to be successfully published and sell thousands of copies you must write on subjects that interest your readers. If you already have a list of clients that you regularly keep in contact with then you can easily get a book idea that will interest your clients. For example, a life coach’s expertise is helping clients identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent them from succeeding with their personal or business goals. The life coach already knows the pain of each client and could identify it and write about it. Identify the problems and solutions in the book that would help the clients. N – No distractions = more writing Block out distractions. No email. No phone. No television. No interruptions. Do you have family, a spouse, and a roommate? They can be a distraction. How many times does your spouse or child interrupt you while you are writing? Make a deal with them to do something with them or help them after your writing time is up. Make it their special time so they will look forward to it. G – Grab a binder for your notes Ideally get a binder with everything about your book contained in its pages: book outline, story ideas, notes, small details, research, etc. Have an index divider for each chapter plus any front or back matter content you will be including in your book. Keep your research notes and related information behind the appropriate index divider. You’ll find this extremely useful. The habit to develop: get a binder, write notes and keep it updated. So write and then update your book every time you write. Use these W.R.I.T.I.N.G. habits every day and you will be in The Zone and on vacation as you finish your great book in 90 days or less. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: