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Xi’an traffic police exposed 35 pressure double yellow line, the grid line illegal owners newspaper news (reporter intern reporter Yang Chao Zhang Qingyue) in August 18th this year, Xi’an police launched the "WeChat public illegal taking photos at hand". People found that the owners have traffic violations, you can use the phone to shoot down, uploaded to the illegal reporting platform, after the audit, will also serve as a reference for the law enforcement of Xi’an traffic police. The evening of November 10th, "Xi’an police", following the public traffic violations exposure in 112 cases after the vehicle retrograde, and the exposure of the 35 pressure double yellow line, the grid line illegal owners. The reporter saw the content from the exposure, is "perfect" to stop the grid lines, people work in just ways pressure double yellow line. ". Responsible person told reporters yesterday in Xi’an traffic police, since the on-line, Xi’an traffic police WeChat background has received more than 1.4 complaints by the public, the contents of the report include all kinds of traffic violations. "Pressure double yellow line, grid lines may illegal owners feel that their behavior is not what the big deal but when you turn the pressure double yellow line, will have a very big impact on the original normal cars, especially prone to traffic accidents. Parking in the grid area is likely to cause a serious blockage in the four direction of the crossroads, are necessary to get rid of illegal acts." The responsible person said, road traffic signs and markings is to guide the road users in order to promote the use of roads, road traffic safety and improve the efficiency of road infrastructure, to inform road users traffic rights, express road traffic is prohibited or restricted, compliance status, to know information on road conditions and traffic conditions etc.. "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" article ninetieth stipulates that: the motor vehicle drivers who violate the road traffic safety laws and regulations on road traffic regulations, a warning or 20 yuan fine of 200 yuan. Therefore, Xi’an traffic police to remind the driver friend: driving, please consciously abide by traffic regulations, when passing the intersection in strict accordance with the traffic signs and markings driving, not free to change lanes. In daily life should consciously cultivate consciousness to comply with traffic signs and markings. At the same time, the Xi’an police illegal taking photos at hand "for collecting them, for the main content is" the next stop in key sections of showmanship two, tricycle owners photo or video, welcome the public attention Xi’an police WeChat public number after active participation.相关的主题文章: