XuChang Railway Station women’s nose and mouth bleeding emergency back to the teacher fainted pass ( yezimei

XuChang Railway Station women’s nose and mouth bleeding faint passing teacher save Li Hongxing give students emergency first aid training (picture) – reporter Intern Gao Zhiqiang cattle Shizuyoshi core tips Shu train will be opened at the Xuchang train station, a middle-aged woman suddenly collapsed to the ground, nose bleeding, cardiac and respiratory arrest. A Anyang County teacher Li Hongxing heard the call for help immediately on the decision to give up rescue. After timely assistance, the woman to restore vital signs, and was taken to hospital. Anyang County Board of education to understand the matter after granting Li Hongxing Anyang County ethics advanced individual, and reward its 3000 yuan, and Li Hongxing gave all the money donated to a patient suffering from leukemia. The woman lying on the ground motionless and burst, Maoxue, Li Hongxing two minutes to save the 9 emergency yesterday morning, the reporter saw a red star and director of the office of Anyang County, Qu Wenbin lee. Li Hongxing, 41, is a high school in Anyang, a physical education teacher and teacher. According to Li Hongxing memories, on the morning of October 9th, he was ready to go home after a business trip in Xuchang, bought the same day 11:49 in the morning to return to Anyang train tickets. "Come on, there’s a faint!" On the same day at 11:47 in the morning, the train has come, Li Hongxing is the ticket, I suddenly heard someone shouting hurry said someone fainted, heard the cry after he turned to look, from his 20 meters around the waiting room, a 50 year old middle-aged woman lying on the ground, nose bleeding. See this situation, Li Hongxing can not attend the ticket on the train, immediately ran over the railing to save. At that time, a lot of onlookers, as well as the staff of the railway station, but because it will not first aid knowledge, call 120 emergency call, we can only do one thing in the side. "I am a rescue division, when the patient lying in the nose and mouth bleeding, the situation is very critical, must immediately rescue." Li Hongxing told reporters, told the train station staff, he immediately got down on his knees to the woman for inspection, the inspection process, Li Hongxing found that the woman had stopped breathing and heartbeat, a preliminary judge for acute myocardial infarction must immediately cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Li Hongxing hurried to the surrounding people borrowed a towel, the women’s nose and mouth to let the blood clean, airway, and artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the two round, the woman recovered spontaneous breathing and heartbeat, the whole process less than 2 minutes! Subsequently, the ambulance came, the woman was successfully rescued, Li Hongxing and everyone this long sigh. According to Li Hongxing introduction, the provincial Red Cross has been part of the teachers in Anyang area ambulance division training, he had participated in two times, get the ambulance training teacher certificate, he had had many rescue experience. The woman was rescued, Li Hongxing hurried to the ticket office, but the train had already left. XuChang Railway Station responsible person and the staff was deeply moved, with their help, Li Hongxing went home after the ticket change smoothly. He moved the money to save the sick students Li Hongxing is the train station staff quietly took pictures, Li Hongxing’s colleagues know, have the praise. Red star will go to save people, which is inevitable in the accident." Qu Wenbin told reporters, Li Hongxing usually enthusiastic people up相关的主题文章: