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Yanjiao property market gradually from flat to chaos "sleeping city" to the industrial development in the city group of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development context, the town of Hebei, is deeply showing the metropolis, reform and exploration and construction of the city. The station of Beijing Metro Line 6 Station Cao Ying, dozens of cars all kinds of cars parked on the roadside van. Ten dollars, half an hour, will be able to sit down at the Yanjiao West Yan Shun road. Sitting in the car, just across the Chaobai River at the junction of Beijing and Hebei, the Tong Yan Expressway at the end of East look, it seems to have entered the estate of a street. Wide on both sides of State Road 102, dozens of large and small sales offices, real estate intermediary stores row upon row of doors. Look around, the reporter first noticed, but the front of the store all kinds of publicity pictures, ranging from the number of middle-aged women. These clothes simple Boyle, hand real estate flyers, to chat with each other, but don’t forget the time patrol around the passers-by, sharp eyes like Yingsuolanggu. It found buyers, they waved flyers swarmed, "house? This is good, with me into the sales offices to see?" If passers-by do not follow a speech, to persuade the 100 meters, no problem. This reporter was one of the aunt into the sales offices, to a sales guide in front of a station, "this person i!". To be invited to nod, promising to go out, looking for the next prey. Subsequently, this is called Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) shopping guide explained to reporters, pulled to the customer, after registration, the company to their commission. However, they have more money than I have, Yanjiao, who do not have a few sets of houses. Sell burritos on the street, there are tens of millions of net worth." This is known as Beijing "sleeping city" of Yanjiao. In the context of collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and urban agglomerations, this small town in Hebei, is a profound manifestation of the metropolitan area, and even the transformation and exploration of urbanization. "Sleeping city" chaos in recent years, with the continuous development of integration of Beijing and Tianjin, especially the deputy city center designated Tongzhou in Beijing, Beijing’s non capital functions gradually from the six areas of the city to the "new center". This also led to the nearest Yanjiao, Beijing, the property market has become a city of Beijing and Tianjin market benchmark. No more than 10 thousand yuan square meters, to $20 thousand square meters, and then to 30 thousand yuan square meters, the road up, Yanjiao only spent a period of 2 years. Even in October 9th, CCTV finance has reported that during the national day, Yanjiao, a real estate opened in October 6th, the price of up to 40 thousand square meters. The market price soaring, the Yanjiao property market situation of real estate prices appeared far higher than the record price of the government, to cover Xishou and other consequences of market chaos. At the beginning of October, the reporter went to Yanjiao, Zhang Qiang told reporters that the Yanjiao in October, only three of real estate will be selling new homes. The reporter then visited the identity of buyers of these three projects, including a real estate located in Yan Shun project, count decoration fees and parking property, Shoufu ratio close to 50%; and in October 29th the opening of another real estate of the two phase of the project, commissioned by the sales staff are "private" buyers told the reporter. He has a private channel, increase 200 thousand, can be directly from within any room. The sales staff even warned reporters, for various reasons, and ultimately to allow property buyers row.相关的主题文章: