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Mobile Phone company Releases The Unlimited Everything You Absolutely Love About Mobile Phone Without The High cost Mobile phone service and smart phones that can access the internet, smart phones that can be tethered to laptop computers to replace air cards ( increased connection speed too ) unlimited anytime calls, email, text, data. Unbelievable service in a sexy little communication device from WOW Mobile. New smart phone releases are the buzz these days with the major mobile phone companies bringing new technology and mobile phone service plans to market and running major ad campaigns to get you to upgrade and buy their product. Retail price comes with a 2 year contract, local taxes and monthly service fees all of which you will pay for over the term of the service plan. Even budget minded shoppers will pay from just under $2000 up to almost $4000 for the term of the contract ( and a new smart phone ). Be a cautious consumer before you buy a new smart phone and get locked into a contract that will come with a termination fee if you decide to break the contract agreement prior to term. There is a company that offers unlimited domestic service- anytime calls, email, text, data and internet access to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. International service plan provides 50 additional countries with the same options as the domestic plan. Mobile Phone company offers unlocked Google Android smart phones with no tax, no fees, no deposit, no contract and no bill". When you refer 3 new customers your service is free. This feature is unheard of from any other cell phone company. No other mobile phone service plan offers a referral fee for referring new customers, ( I think someone should send a wake up call to these companies and let them know we like to tweet, yelp and blog about the products and services we love!) You may want to get more information about the mobile phone monthly [referral] service. Refer three yours is free mobile service plan is new although the company has been in business for 10 years. When on the web site you can find the spec[s] on the G1 and G2 my Touch smart phones. Our new G2 my Touch is very impressive. I have used it to tether 3 laptops and a remote access desktop computer and checked the connectivity speed at The very impressive speed test result was faster than my home cable service. With unlimited mobile service and an Android smart phone you can eliminate your air card, reduce or eliminate your monthly cell phone bill and make money with a business opportunity in an expanding market referring a hot new technology that everyone loves. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: